My two books published thus far are both the culmination of my work on abortion politics, and the vehicles that have led to my current research and co-authored book project on the emergent conservative Christian legal movement and their related law schools and legal training programs. Beyond the descriptions given below, more information in each book can be found via the embedded links.

Cover Art

The Street Politics of Abortion: Speech, Violence, and America’s Culture Wars (Stanford Uni Press, 2013), grows from the interviews that I conducted with various differently situated actors in three abortion-conflicts-turned-court cases. These three studies concern the regulation of clinic-front anti-abortion activism, how each side in these conflicts was variably able to mobilize law (often in unexpected ways), and how these conflicts reshaped modern American abortion politics.

New States Cover

The New States of Abortion Politics (Stanford Uni Press, 2016), is the bridge between my abortion politics research and my current co-authored project on the emergent conservative Christian legal movement. The New States is a brief, highly accessible book that uses the 2014 US Supreme Court case of McCullen v. Coakley to give both an overview, and specifics, of the past, present, and possible future of American abortion politics. The book’s second section serves as the link to my current project in that it focuses on a major conservative Christian public interest legal organization — Alliance Defending Freedom — that was instrumental in McCullen v. Coakley. This link leads to a brief video recorded interview about the book.